A Little Knowledge & Pilates Will Make Your Brain Grow! Posted March 22, 2017 by Karen Ellis  in A Mindful Lifestyle, People & Places On a trip to London once, I opted not to drag a heavy suitcase on the tube and, instead, I hailed a taxi to the train station.  En route, a conversation with a very enthusiastic Read more »

8 Ways to Add More Movement Throughout Your Day

FIT LIFE April 15, 2015 Modernization can be both a blessing and a curse. Everything from the modern factory to the home has been upgraded with easy-to-use machines or appliances, making life easier in many ways, but there is a downside. Technology tends to reduce our opportunities to be physically active throughout the day, which Read more »

Why Weight Loss Programs Don’t Work

Weight Loss

Making News The weight loss business generates massive revenue, yet the industry seems to have little effect on waistlines. Recently, researchers took an in-depth look at the efficacy of popular weight loss programs. The purpose of the study, published in theAnnals of Internal Medicine (2015; 162 [7], 501–12), was to examine 32 nationally marketed weight Read more »

Resting Between Weight Sets

Pilates Stretch

Q: When lifting weights, why should you rest between sets? A: Muscles need time to replenish some of their energy supply and make training adaptations. So, rest one to three minutes between sets. Shorter rests are better for building endurance than for strength, however, and they help keep your heart rate up—providing something of a Read more »